About our new website

How customer types are affected by the new website

Customer TypeImpact of our new website
If you are new Virgo de Novo.Since you are new to Virgo de Novo, you are not really affected by the change from our old website to this new one. Go ahead and start learning about our company and our products and place an order when you are ready!
If you have ordered from Virgo de Novo without creating an account.Since you did not create an account, you are not really affected by the change from our old website. Go ahead and start exploring the new site and place your order when you are ready.
If you are a consumer and had an account on our old site.Unfortunately, we were not able to migrate all of our consumer accounts so you will need to create a new account.
If you are a beauty professional that has ordered from our professional site in the past.We expect to have all professional accounts converted from our old site to the new site by January 15th. You will be required to set a new password for your account the first time that you login. If you need to order before January 15 and your account is not yet enabled, please call and leave us a message at (855) 847-1101. We will quickly get your account created and help you place your order.

Credit card information is secure

An important part of our move to this new website was to increase the security of credit card information. With this new website we are now fully PCI DSS compliant with any credit card information that you store with your account.

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