Why did @hairby_emmyg choose Virgo de Novo Extra Dark Purple Shampoo to create this amazing color?

Virgo de Novo's Extra Dark Purple Shampoo is a great choice when looking for icy tones like hairby_emmyg delivered here.

With just a touch of blue pigment surrounded by a lot of purple, our Extra Dark Purple will eliminate dark yellow & light orange tones.

The True Tone collection of Purple and Blue Toning Shampoos from Virgo de Novo are helping stylists like hairby_emmyg deliver jaw-dropping colors for their clients.

Use our Purple Shampoo to eliminate light yellow tones. Leave the product on hair longer to eliminate darker yellow tones.

Use our Dark Purple Shampoo to eliminate medium yellow tones. Leave on longer to eliminate darker yellow tones.

Our Extra Dark Purple Shampoo will attack and eliminate the darkest yellow tones and light orange tones.

See Virgo de Novo True Tone Purple and Blue Shampoos in action

Dark Purple Shampoo

Dark Purple Shampoo

Purple Shampoo

Dark Blue Shampoo

Dark Purple Shampoo

Blue Shampoo

Not Sure Which Toning Shampoo or Masque is right for your hair?

No worries. Let's get you started with a toning kit where you can pick from a few different products.

With this package, you choose 3 of our 2 oz toning shampoos and 2 of our 1/2 oz toning masque products. Pick the set that you feel is most likely to meet your toning needs and experiment a little. Once you've found the right set, use a coupon code that comes with this package to receive a 25% discount on your first order of full sized products.

How do our Purple Shampoos compare?

Check it our for yourself by viewing a few of our Instagram reels. Click on the image below to view the reel.

Side by side comparison of Purple, Dark Purple, and Extra Dark Purple Shampoos (28 seconds).

Purple Shampoo comparison with Joico and Pravana (35 seconds).

Comparison with Fanola (30 seconds).

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