Waves Sea Salt Spray

Texture. Separation. Volume. Shine.

You don't have to hit the beach to get that gorgeous, sexy, tousled hair!

Waves Sea Salt Spray gives texture, separation, volume and shine to fine strands, enhances natural curls and provides straight hair with loose bends and waves.

Available sizes: 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz refill.

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Spray into wet or dry hair and scrunch to encourage waves. Or, use on curled, waved hair to show greater separation and definition.

This great alcohol-free formula will not make hair sticky or tacky. You can also spray onto clean, damp hair near roots or mid-shaft and blow dry in for another form of volume and body.

Ingredient nameIngredient Description
PanthenolPanthenol is a wonderful humectant. Humectants help hair absorb and retain moisture not only from water but also from the air as well. The absorption of moisture causes the hair shaft to swell to make room the the extra water which is why it makes thin hair look thicker by plumping up the hair shafts.
Hydrolyzed Silk ProteinHas a low molecular weight to penetrate the cuticle by the process of ‘hydrolysis’ which divides the protein into smaller components. Silk is one of the strongest fibers on the planet. It improves elasticity against breakage and forms a protective shield on the hair. The protective shield improves shine and prevents moisture loss.
Aloe, Sage and Nettle ExtractsRich in vitamins and minerals to add strength, luster and retain moisture. Powerful anti-oxidant properties that provides protection against free radicals to help slow down oxidation, to help prevent color-fading.
Fruit ExtractsThe fruit extracts we use in our products are rich in vitamins and minerals and have powerful UV and anti-oxidant protection. Oxidation causes hair color to fade and these powerful anti-oxidants fight free radicals to slow down the oxidation process to help retain color.
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