Attention Stylists - Virgo de Novo Wants to Connect with YOU on Instagram!

Instagram – A Platform for Hair Artists

Instagram is a great platform for the hair industry. The platform is all about the visual which is perfect for the hair business. After all, a hair stylist is really an artist; an artist that delivers art in the form of a creation of tones, dimension, cut and style. Below are Virgo de Novo's requirements for re-posting on Instagram. If you'd like us to re-post your work, create beautiful art and follow the guidelines below.

Virgo de Novo Wants to Repost Your Work

If you spend a few minutes looking at our Instagram account, you’ll see that we post lots of pictures of finished work along with posts that feature specific products from our line. The pictures of finished work are coming from stylists just like you.

It is a win-win for us to repost your work. We win because we show our Instagram audience how our products can be used as part of a great finished work, and you win as your post picks up another avenue of engagement.

Here is our short list of our requirements for re-posting:

  • The finished work must be a work of art that shows stunning hair. We love texture, waves, and dimensions, but we have no hard and fast rules.
  • The post must @mention virgodenvo (@virgodenovo). When the #hashtag, #virgodenovo is used, we do not receive a notification of your post so please use @virgodenovo if you’d like us to consider your post for re-posting.
  • We give preferential treatment to posts that tell which Virgo de Novo products were used as part of creating the finished work. And, the more detail about the products used, the better. For example, a post that simply says, “@virgodenovo Purple Shampoo’” is not as good as one that says, “no toner needed I, just used @virgodenovo Extra Dark Purple shampoo for five minutes.”

Now you know what we are looking for.

We cannot wait to see your work!

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Instagram Tagging Basics

Instagram Basics - @Mentions and #Hashtags

It is super important for you to understand the difference between ‘@mentions’ and ‘#hashtags’ on Instagram. At Virgo de Novo we come across so many great posts where a stylist uses only #hashtags without also using @mentions and as a result, the post does not end up on our ‘tagged’ page. Our ‘tagged’ page is where we select posts to repost. If the goal is to be reposted or featured by a company, make sure to @ mention that company so it shows up on their ’tagged’ page.

  • An @mention is when the ‘@’ symbol is placed immediately before the name of an Instagram account in a post. For example, on a Virgo de Novo Instagram post, I might add ‘’ to my post. When I do that, I am making a specific reference to the official Behind the Chair Instagram account. This symbol will have your post sent to our ‘tagged’ page.
  • A #hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the pound symbol(‘#’). On social media, it serves as an indication (for users and algorithms) that a piece of content relates to a specific topic or belongs to a category. Hashtags help make content discoverable in on-platform searches and, effectively, reach more people.

To be effective with Instagram you need to understand the key differences between @mentions and #hashtags. If you create a post that uses #hashtags where @mentions are more appropriate, you will end up with less engagement. This might sound like a minor issue, but it is not.

@Mentions and Hashtags Example

Let’s look at how to use each of these features.

When you place an @mention on your post, you are notifying another Instagram account that their account is connected to your post and will be sent to their ‘tagged’ page. For example, if you create a post and @mention ‘@virgodenovo’, we will receive a notification that we’ve been mentioned in the post. We’ll quickly examine the post and typically we’ll make a comment on your post to help boost the engagement of the post. Hopefully, you’ll respond to our comment which will then further increase the engagement of the post.

When you place a #hashtag on your post, you are declaring that the post is about a ‘certain topic’ of interest. If somebody conducts a search on that #hashtag, your post will show up along with all other posts that use that hashtag. For example, if you use purple shampoo on a client for which you are going to issue a post of your finished work, you might add the hash tag ‘#purpleshampoo’ along with other #hashtags that are appropriate.

Are you seeing the biggest difference between @mentions and #hashtags? With @mentions, Instagram accounts are notified about the post, but that is not the case with #hashtags. If you are looking for engagement (and you should be), @mentions are much more powerful than #hashtags. Having said that, #hashtags do have their role and should be used in addition to @mentions.

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