Using a purple shampoo does not have to result in dry hair.

How Virgo de Novo Professional Haircare solved the problem of toning shampoos and drying of the hair.

Toning Shampoos - The Miracle Product

Purple Toning Shampoos have been the rage years. These miracle products are the cure to the brassiness that ruins a great hair color. Within weeks of leaving the salon, unwanted yellow tones will begin to show. Toning shampoos remove the yellow tones. Use the shampoo every 3-5 wash cycles and you can maintain your 'just left the salon' color until your next hair coloring appointment. The toning shampoos work by depositing tiny bits of purple pigment which counteract the yellow tones that have been slowly developing due to shampooing and the usage of hot styling tools.

What's the downside to purple shampoo? We're glad you asked.

The Drying Effect of Toning Shampoos

While toning shampoos can do wonders to eliminate those brassy tones, the brightened color has traditionally come at the cost of the hair strands becoming dryer. With that dryness comes less softness and shine. The trade-off, while not ideal, has largely been accepted as a simple fact of life.

But, not so fast! Virgo de Novo Professional Haircare has rewritten the rule book when it comes to toning shampoos and dry hair.

New Rule: Tone Fast and Dry Less

The longer a toning shampoo is left on the hair, the dryer the hair becomes. Leave a toning shampoo in for 20-minutes and the tone may come out great, but the amount of drying that occurs will result in dull, brittle hair. No fun.

When Virgo de Novo decided to add toning shampoos to our line, we were determined to stay true to our mission of delivering virgin soft hair. After an incredible amount of research, development, and collaboration with leading cosmetic chemists, we found the answer. And thus was born, our True Tone collection of Purple and Blue Toning Shampoos!

You will notice the difference.

Solution: Multiple levels of pigment

Virgo de Novo offers three levels of pigment in our collection of Purple Toning Shampoos. This unique approach allows you to pick the product that can optimally achieve the desired toning result while minimizing the time that the product remains on the hair. The result is soft, shiny, healthy hair with beautiful tones!

Looking to remove light yellow tones? Our Purple Toning Shampoo will be perfect. Are your yellow tones a bit darker? Ok, use our Dark Purple Toning Shampoo to solve the problem. Do you have really stubborn dark yellow tones? Or, maybe you are looking for an ashy blonde look? Great! Our Extra Dark Purple will deliver.

True Tone Purple Shampoo

Even though it is our least pigmented purple shampoo, our True Tone Purple Shampoo is more pigmented than most products on the market and that means you need to leave it on the hair for a shorter period of time to achieve the same level of toning.

This product is great for eliminating lighter yellow tones.

True Tone Dark Purple Shampoo

Our Dark Purple Shampoo is our best seller in this category. We know of no other purple shampoo that is as richly pigmented as this beauty.

With all that pigment, medium to dark yellow tones will be gone before you know it, while the softness and shine remain.

True Tone Extra Dark Purple Shampoo

Looking for even more toning power? Our Extra Dark Purple Shampoo brings maximum pigment to tackle those very dark yellow tones as well as light orange tones.

You know the story, apply the product and and achieve the desired toning results faster which results in less drying.

Choose Your Purple (or Blue)!

Every product in the entire Virgo de Novo line is focused on delivering softness and shine to color treated hair so it just did not sit right at Virgo de Novo to create a toning shampoo that would dry out the hair. In fact, Virgo de Novo means 'virgin again' in Latin and that is precisely what our products deliver, virgin softness.

With our True Tone Purple and Blue Toning Shampoos toning does not have to come at the expense of hair health. Choose the True Tone Purple Shampoo that is right for you!

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