At Virgo De Novo we have taken a bold step in addressing the specific needs of those seeking to maintain beautiful, vibrant hair with the introduction of not one, but three distinct purple toning shampoos. The decision to offer a trio of products, each varying in purple pigmentation levels, is a testament to the our commitment to delivering tailored solutions for diverse hair types and concerns.

The primary objective of purple toning shampoos is to neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones in blonde, silver, or gray hair. However, our inclusion of three different levels of purple pigmentation is a strategic move designed to cater to the individual preferences and unique requirements of our diverse customer base.

The first and foremost consideration in the formulation of these three shampoos is the recognition that purple pigments, while highly effective in toning, can potentially have drying effects on the hair shaft. We acknowledge the delicate balance between achieving the desired toning results and maintaining the hair's health and moisture. The three variants in the lineup are carefully crafted to provide users with options that suit their specific toning needs without compromising on hair hydration.

The lightest variant of our purple toning shampoo is designed for individuals with subtle toning requirements or those who may be concerned about over-drying their hair.

The lower concentration of purple pigments in this formulation ensures a gentle toning effect, allowing users to maintain the vibrancy of their color without sacrificing the health and moisture of their locks. This variant is perfect for those who have achieved their desired shade and wish to preserve it without the risk of excessive dryness.

Moving up the intensity scale, Virgo De Novo offers a medium-strength purple toning shampoo. This option is ideal for individuals who require a more pronounced toning effect to counteract stubborn brassiness in their hair.

While it provides a stronger toning action, the formulation is still carefully balanced to minimize the risk of drying out the hair shaft. The medium-level purple pigmentation strikes a harmonious balance between toning efficacy and hair health.

For those seeking a more robust toning solution or facing significant brassiness challenges, our third purple toning shampoo, Extra Dark Purple, comes with the highest concentration of purple pigments along with a touch of blue pigment.

This option is designed to deliver a potent toning effect, effectively neutralizing even the most stubborn yellow undertones. 

We recognize that leaving toning shampoo on the hair for an extended period can contribute to dryness. As a result, we emphasize the importance of following the recommended usage instructions for each variant. Users are encouraged to tailor their toning routine based on their specific needs and the intensity of toning required, while being mindful of the potential impact on hair moisture.

If you are looking to keep your hair color looking great and avoid the creep of brassy yellow, Virgo de Novo Purple Toning Shampoos provide you with the choice of Purple, Dark Purple, or Extra Dark Purple shampoos that will quickly deliver the toning results you desire without drying out your hair.

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