We love giving stylists the products that they need to deliver jaw dropping blondes and so shortly after announcing our ground breaking lineup of purple toning shampoos, we started talking with stylists about their needs when it came to brassy orange tones.

The input from the stylist community was instant and loud. "We'll take three shades of blue as well!" After 14 months in the lab, Virgo de Novo launched our lauded line of blue toning shampoos. 

With our blue toning shampoos, the primary objective is to neutralize unwanted brassy orange in blonde, silver, or gray hair. And once again, our inclusion of three different levels of blue pigmentation is our way of catering to the individual preferences and unique requirements of our diverse customer base.

Like all colored pigments, the blue pigment in a toning shampoo will tend to dry out the hair shaft so the more quickly the toning shampoo can be rinsed out, the less drying of the hair shaft will occur. Our three blue toning shampoos have been crafted to deliver the right amount of pigment to quickly address light orange, dark orange, and even the darkest brassy orange tones. Choose the blue toning shampoo that fits your level of orange and you'll be able to quickly achieve the desired level of toning without ending up with dried-up, lifeless hair.

Our blue toning shampoo, the lightest of the 3 variants, is designed for individuals that want to remove light orange tones without ending up with dried out hair from exposure to excessive amounts of the drying pigment.

The lower concentration of blue pigments in this formulation ensures a gentle toning effect, allowing users to maintain the vibrancy of their color without sacrificing the health and moisture of their locks. This variant is perfect for those who have achieved their desired shade and wish to preserve it without the risk of excessive dryness.

The next stop on the intensity scale is our medium strength blue toning shampoo. Our dark blue shampoo is perfect for individuals that experience unwanted medium-orange tones that they want aliminated. 

The pigment provides quick and impactful toning. While it provides a stronger toning action, the formulation is still carefully balanced to minimize the risk of drying out the hair shaft. The medium-level purple pigmentation strikes a harmonious balance between toning efficacy and hair health.

For those that unforunately have to deal with unwanted extra dark brassy orange tones, we have the solution. Our third blue toning shampoo, Extra Dark Blue, is loaded with the pigments needed to knock out those stubborn extra dark orange tones, while still being balanced with moisturizing ingredients to counteract drying effects of the pigments.

This is a bit of a niche product and we encouarge you to consult with us or your stylist before trying the product. Stylists are also welcome to reach out to us for discussions on best practices for this product.


We recognize that leaving toning shampoo on the hair for an extended period can contribute to dryness. As a result, we emphasize the importance of following the recommended usage instructions for each variant. Users are encouraged to tailor their toning routine based on their specific needs and the intensity of toning required, while being mindful of the potential impact on hair moisture.

There is no need to accept the brassy orange tones that will slowly creep into your hair just a few short weeks after your color service at the salon. Attack those unwanted tones by using the Virgo de Novo blue toning shampoo that matches your needs.


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