Sky Blue Leave-In Treatment Oil

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Soften. Seal. Shine. Protect.

Indulge in remarkable softness, radiant shine, and effective smoothing. Seal split ends for more manageable hair.

Add a protective barrier to shield hair from the heat of styling tools.

And, of course, it smells absolutely amazing!

Sky Blue Leave-In Treatment Oil is an exceptional daily leave-in conditioner.

A small amount of this product is all you need, and it's best applied to the tips of your hair, avoiding the scalp. If you find it feeling slightly too oily, use a smaller amount.

Enhances hair with softness and brilliance. Effectively seals split ends.

Provides a defense against the heat of styling tools and environmental factors.

Apply to damp or dry hair, working from mid-shaft through ends where it is needed most.

For best absorption, apply to damp hair.

For best sealing, apply to dry hair.

A little bit of product goes a long way!

Grape Seed Oil

  • Grape seed oil has high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, and omegas. Together these attributes help strengthen eak or brittle hair and help to restore shine. Grape seed oil is especially effective on dry, over-processed hair as it acts like a deep moisturizer.

Raspberry Seed Oil

  • Restores damaged hair cuticles, helps brittle hair regain its elasticity, and nourish dry scalps. Boasts high levels of Vitamin E and loaded with antioxidants that protects cells from damaging free radicals. Abundant in B vitamins. These vitamins are essential for healthy hair. They help in reducing hair fall, promoting hair growth as well as in preventing graying of hair. Rich in Biotin which is essential for hair health and adds shine.

Green Tea Leaf

  • The extract of green tea leaf is rich in antioxidants and has been linked to hair loss prevention and hair growth.

Roman Chamomile

  • Roman Chamomile has been used since ancient times for its healing properties. When it comes to haircare, roman chamomile is used to reduce scalp irritation and fight dandruff.