Purple Toning Products

Purple Toning Products

Virgo de Novo changed the game when it comes to toning products.

Choose from our range of 3 Purple Toning Shampoo strengths and 2 Purple Toning Masque options, tailored to target your desired level of yellow tones. Elevate your look to envy-worthy perfection with flawlessly toned hair.

Our purple toning products are formulated to neutralize all levels of unwanted yellow tones, leaving your hair with stunning, cool tones.

Select from purple, dark purple, or extra dark purple to meet your unique toning needs.

It is all about YOU.

Purple Toning Shampoo or Masque

Perfect to eliminate light yellow tones.

Dark Purple

Shreds unwanted dark yellow tones.

Extra Dark Purple

Eliminates even the darkest yellow tones.