Dark Blue Shampoo

Cooler Tones. Icy Blondes. Knock out orange/dark orange tones.

Works instantly for immediate toning.

Tone at home to maintain that "just left the salon" color tone.

Helps to minimize the new re-growth demarcation line that occurs between salon appointments. Toning lasts approximately 3-5 shampoo cycles.

If styling products are in hair, it is recommended to shampoo before using True Tone shampoos to remove styling products. This allows the pigment/toning to provide maximum toning.

On white/platinum hair, will create dark blue tones. On yellow hair, will create dark green tones.

Free of sulfates, sodium chloride, and parabens.

Available sizes: 2 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz.

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Wear gloves to prevent hand staining. Wet hair thoroughly. Apply True Tone Dark Blue Shampoo where toning is desired. Work into hair to evenly distribute the product. Rinse well.

Follow with Drench Conditioner or Revive Hair Masque, or for additional toning, use Blue Hair Masque.

Ingredient nameIngredient Description
Olive OilRich in monounsaturated fatty acids, Vitamins E and A and antioxidants. Olive Oil, a natural moisturizer, adds moisture, deep conditions, improves shine/strength while moisturizing the scalp to reduce flaking and dandruff. The fatty acids of olive oil will coat your hair shaft keeping it healthy and protected. Tames frizz and flyaway hairs. It’s a great antioxidant.
Sweet Almond OilRich in Vitamins E, D, B1,B2, B6 and A, and important nutrients including polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids, all which help to grow strong, healthy hair. Has wonderful nourishing and smoothing benefits to hair cuticles, and makes hair shinier. Great conditioner-moisturizer for all types of hair and repairs dry hair. Sealant and hair protector. Penetrates hair shaft and moisturizes.
Kale Protein BlendKale Protein Blend combines the power of kale, carrot, and lemon into one nutrient rich formula designed to condition and moisturize while fighting the signs of aging and sun damage. Kale Protein Blend is the perfect addition to promote moisturization, nourishment, film-forming barrier function, and overall hair health.

Why Use A Virgo de Novo Blue Toning Shampoo?

Virgo de Novo’s True Tone Shampoos works fast and are sulfate free. Our Vegan formula hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes dry, chemically treated hair. We have 3 levels of Blue Toning Shampoos to choose from depending on what tone of orange you have. Virgo de Novo Blue Toning Shampoo tones orange hues that occur in lightened, balayage, and natural brunette hair. The toning affects of the blue shampoo gradually fades over 3-5 shampoos.

Who Should Use Virgo de Novo Blue Toning Shampoos?

Blue Toning Shampoos are specifically designed to eliminate orange tones that occur between salon coloring sessions and also occurs in natural blonde hair. If you have had your hair lightened or balayaged, orange tones will emerge 2-6 weeks after you left the salon when the toner starts to fade. Toners typically gradually fade over about 24 hair washes. While the toner fades, yellow or orange tones will appear. If you have yellow tones, use one of our purple toning shampoos, and if you have orange tones, use one of our blue toning shampoos. Using Blue Shampoos is the key to maintaining those gorgeous tones at home to bring back that beautiful tones created by your salon professional. You will love your beautiful tones!

Why Does Blue work?

Remember the color wheel when we were growing up? Toning principles are based on the universal color wheel. Colors directly opposite of each other cancel and neutralize each other. If you took orange paint and painted a orange line on a piece of white paper, then take blue paint and paint over the orange, you will see the blue turns the orange into a neutral color. Blue Toning Shampoos work the same way when used on orange tones in hair. Blue Toning Shampoos work on natural brunettes with orange tones. You see this especially in surfers and swimmers, their hair turns orange because of salt water, chlorine, working with the sun to naturally lighten their hair and resulting in orange tones. Blue Toning Shampoos tone those unwanted orange tones and leaving beautiful caramel tones!

Why Are There 3 Blue Toning Shampoos to Choose From?

Since there are various shades of orange from light to extra dark orange, Virgo de Novo created 3 shades of Blue Toning Shampoo to tone the amount of orange you have. You no longer have to keep a purple shampoo in your hair for 10-20 minutes (which is super drying to your hair) to get the toning you desire, just pick the Virgo de Novo Blue Toning Shampoo for your specific needs.

Which Virgo de Novo Blue Toning Shampoo Should I Use?

Deciding which Virgo de Novo Blue Shampoo to use, here is a general guide:

  • If you have light orange to medium orange tones - use Blue Shampoo
  • If you have medium orange to dark orange tones - use Dark Blue Shampoo
  • If you have dark orange to extra dark orange tones - Extra Dark Blue Shampoo
  • If you have extra dark yellow and light orange tones - use Extra Dark Purple Shampoo or Blue Shampoo

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