Our mission

Virgo de Novo translated from Latin means virgin again and that is precisely how your hair will feel after using our products, which are focused on returning softness and shine to colored or chemically treated hair. Hair coloring and chemical treatments can give you a great look, but if you don't take care of your hair with high quality products, you'll quickly have hair that is dull, brittle and lifeless. All of our cleansing products are also sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free which means our product will clean your hair without stripping out the color.

Our mission at Virgo de Novo Professional Haircare is simple: Help salon owners and professional stylists have a better business and a better life. We do that by delivering a high-performance professional haircare line with a distribution model that focuses on having our products sold primarily in salons and salon suites. Our products are not on Amazon and you will not find them at big box retailers. We want you to buy our products from the hardworking salon owners and professional stylists that do such a great job on your cut and your color!

Our Commitments:


Thank you for the trust you've granted to us by selecting our products to take care of your hair. Feel more confident and immediately recognize the difference in the softness, shine, and feel of your hair after trying our products.

  • Always using the highest quality ingredients
  • Leveraging the latest advances in hair care science
  • Never testing our products on animals

Salons and Stylists

We are here to support your way of life as an artist and a business person. We are your best friend!*

  • Keeping our product off of Amazon and out of big box retailers
  • A partnership that is focused on your needs
  • A product line that meets your performance demands

Environment and the world

We are a small business in a big world that seems to keep getting smaller as we are growing bigger. We strive to make sure that our consumption footprints are smaller than our impact footprints. When we find an opportunity for making a positive impact for a cause or community, we do everything we can to maximize that impact.

  • Recycling everything we can
  • Working hard with intent and focus
  • Taking a moment from time to time to laugh at ourselves
  • Treating everybody with respect and courtesy

*Being a professional stylist, colorist, or salon owner can be wonderfully rewarding, but it can also be painfully frustrating as many of the so-called "professional brands" have elected to partner directly with Amazon, Ulta Beauty, and other online and big box retailers. Their strategies negatively impact your income and we think that stinks!

When talking with salon owners and professional stylists about carrying the Virgo de Novo line, we often bring up three great truths about salon retailing:

  1. If you are good behind the chair, your clients will largely purchase whatever haircare products you recommend because they trust you with their haircare routine.
  2. Your clients will search the Internet, in particular Amazon, to try to find the products you recommend. If they find the product online at either the same price or a better price, they will buy the product online and you will be left out.
  3. Your clients are at shopping centers that include a big box retailer like Ulta Beauty at least 2-3 times per week. If your client finds the products you recommend at a big box retailer, they will buy the product there and you will be left out.

The above statements are undeniably true. The smart stylist acknowledges these statements and decides to use, carry, and recommend products that are not available at Amazon, Utla Beauty, and other online and big box retailers. Be a smart stylist and talk with Virgo de Novo Professional Haircare about how we can help you have a better business and a better life.

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